Comic 216 - Saxton Hale in: Presentation of Peril!
20th Aug 2017, 8:01 PM
Saxton Hale in: Presentation of Peril!
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Author Notes:
Guybrush20X6 edit delete
Team Fortress 2 is in a strange state right now. It's a long running online shooter in a world where such games are rendered drinks coasters by dead servers in less than a year but it's been waiting on a big update for more than a year now. Problem with Valve is that the company has no designation so developers are free to work on whatever project they want, these days being the resume gold of VR and Children's card games, leading some to believe TF2's only alive thanks to micropayments.

It's funny though that highly skilled (if dim) mercenaries can't just break open crates. Or maybe they don't want to tick off the Australian who's fists have killed more dangerous and rare animals than deforestation. In which case, the theoretical physicist is looking like the dumb one here.
User comments:
CidYoshi edit delete reply
I honestly hate Saxton Hale. He is like the embodiment of every testosterone, rich, idiot and improbably strong bullies in the world. Seeing him be screwed this way just fills me with such glee.

He totally deserved to lose MannCo. to Olivia. So easy to beat a kid without actually hurting her. Saxton's such a tool.
The Other Mike (Guest) edit delete reply
Personally, I enjoy Hale. As a parody of precisely the kind of over-muscled, over-testosteroned, and under-intelligent bully you mention.
Sapphire016 (Guest) edit delete reply
Errr, I hate to be that one commenter, but you guys misspelled sales in the second panel.
Tentreto (Guest) edit delete reply
Yeah, Key Sakes, sounds like a nice drink, but unless Hale has expanded recently, its probably a mistake.
CidYoshi edit delete reply
Also dont wanna be that guy, but is it really THAT necessary to criticize typos so badly? Yeah, it happened, thanks for noting it. But we all do them now and then. Did you guys got the joke and idea of the page? Yes? Then you have no need to just post to bring it up. Guybrush and everyone on the team do their best for the comic. Please dont make them feel bad over a simple mistake I am sure most didnt noticed.
Really, please.